SPIRITUAL ESOTERIC ART STUDIES & The Energies of the Multiverse

This is art for the spiritually minded, those who have individual beliefs from cross cultural pathways and higher consciousness.

This art comes from different aspects of religion and different spiritual beliefs in the collective consciousness. As also from the observation of energy fields and the higher perception of man in his energetic structure within the holistic universe.

Many images are visions from my awareness of different dimensions, which are seen in my minds eye, as I am a natural born clairvoyant, psychic and light worker who works with energy.




IMG_9078 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_9078 - Version 2.jpg

IMG_9203 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_9203 - Version 2.jpg


IMG_9078 - Version 2.jpg
IMG_9078 - Version 2.jpg


VORTEXS - Paintings & digital media of the planetry energies from esoteric insights of higher dimensional planes, channeled through meditation and visualisation practices.

Each has an energetic signature of angels or light beings with the percefic planetry energy, that I have channeled. each appear as an ethereal non-linear time, light tunnel, to aid visualisation in meditation practices and astral travel into the future, the past or to a place within the inter-dimensional aspects of the universe.              

Vortexs                        or







ANGELS - Angelic paintngs and digital media showing the etheral nature and light of the angels that exist in the universe.


ENERGY FIELDS - Paintings about the cosmic energetic light network that pulsates in the universe. It is a web of fine colour and light that resenates with the higher energies in different dimensions.

SURREALIST - Paintings that come from my imagination, using symbolism in a surrealist dream like manner.

 INNER VISIONS - Paintings with symbolism from higher consciousness and images from my own inspirational inner visions and understanding of spirituality.



Looking at the traditions of living with nature, their culture, beliefs, spiritual practices and crafts


 PHOTOGRAPHY OF THE TREES - Part of the elemental kingdom where the nature spirits, devas and faeries reside.


William Blake quote

Men are admited into heaven, not because they have curbed or governed their passions,

but because they have cultivated their understandings.