The Crystaline Spirits


The Crystaline Spirits are a open print series created for the esoteric world of mindfulness, soul & spirit, sold through my second website, as a more commercial aspect to my art practices.
They are created by enhanced photography from my ghost film shoots through digital media.


The Ivory Marionette


The Moonlight Marotte

The Crystaline Call for Freedom

The Weeping Spectre

The Ivory Marotte

The White Lady

The Mourning Mime

The Whispering Marrionette

Call for Freedom

The Ivory Spiritos

The Pleaseant Keeper

Call to the Luna tides

The Whispering Squire

Ivory Crypt Dancer

Mourning Mime

The Pleasent Keeper

The Ivory Shroud

The Light Visitor

The Ivory Wraith of the Sea

The Drifting Dancer

The Passing Spirit

The Ivory Call to the tides

The Playful Appearence

The Ivory Sea Wraith

The Ivory Baroness

The Ivory Mummy