Body & Form - Paintings & photgraphy from life drawing class & daily life

Study of a Shell - Paintings, sketchs & chalk pastel

Wind & water - Being at one with the elements, photography, sketchs , paintings

The Trees - Abstract photography of interesting trees

Caves & Stones - Photography & drawings

Natives - The study of natives, their crafts & ways of living

Fire images - Study of the elements

Study of distortion -Paintings & sketchs of a distorted reflection in a building

Study of materials, paints, mixed media & light reflections on the paint surface

Toy Time - Nostalgic art, relating to childhood toys

Study of Skeletons - Sketchs & drawings

Study of the use of colour's in painting practices

The Study of Surrealism

The Study of Energy Fields


Inner Visionary Art

Vortexs & Spirals