Energy Weavers & Dream Catchers

Simple Energy Weavers - prices & dimensions, go to                        for purchase



Orange & Carnilian £40
Hoop 30cm x 61cm length Ceramic beads & carnilean crystal
White & Ceramic Beads £40
Hoop 30cm X 66cm length
With quartz crystals & ceramic beads
Black with Purple Agate  £40
Hoop 33cm x 58cm length - With flat wood like beads & sliced purple agate
White & Quartz crystal £40
Hoop 30cm x 71cm length - With ceramic beads & five quartz crystals in web
Black Spiral Agate £40
Hoop 30cm x 61cm length - Dark orange agate spiral & various wooden beads
Leopard print spiral £35
Hoop 20cm x 61cm length - With yellow agate spiral ,wooden beads & shell
Angel Weaver  £25
Hoop 24cm X 51cm length - With pretty angel and wooden beads
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