People ask me why I do art like this? ' I say!!!

"Because dolls & manakins have a huge potential to explore social injustice and there are people hurting within and physically from issues of abuse, war and disfunction.

And there are issues that need to be addressed in society that are ugly I do not encourage any form of carnage or abuse  I am just an "Artist with a voice!" Expressing inner pain through visual Art Practices.

Using Dolls, Manakin"s & Puppets are an effective communication,

which I use to build awareness of the effects of abuse and carnage  on people who are left with

                       "Soul Fragmentation"

                                    from such events in there lives."


I do not know where this project is going,

               what it will be used for, the issues it will raise?

But for me it is a chance to express my inner pain in a visual manner, it is a release of negative subconscious unwanted fears.


It is also a Drawing & Photography Project, about

               The Fragmentation of the Human Psychi.

The separation of Our Divine Soul aspect, our higher self  from everyday consciousness.

It reflects on the fears of the subconscious, that create blockages

splits the psyche, there about negative conditioning, etc in the psyche.

There expressive images of abuse, carnage, adversity, suffocation & the pain, some humans feel at stages in there life.

I am just a person who felt the pain myself, expressed the pain myself & offer my images for self reflection



Do we have to accept, war, abuse, control through power, negative conditioning, bullying?!!!


Are you still going through The Soul Ache of Lose and Bereavement?!!!

These issues can have devasting effects on the human psychi & can cause "SOUL FRAGMENTATION"


I am just an artist bringing awareness to spiritual aspects in life which aid the healing on what fragments from our soul.   It was also part of a self therapy project, TO RELEASE THE DARK DEPRESSIVE ASPECTS I HAD PERSONALLY ENCOUNTERED IN LIFE.

Call me an activist!!! I don"t mind as forms of art, are used to provoke thoughts & issues through imagery!!!

The film industry loved them and they are now in a film soon to be released




















 Sketchs slideshow-click to view

Part of me is bleeding, part of me is hurting, part of me is fragmented!!!

Where there is love, there is hope


Soul Fragmentation

Broken Within   Art on the raw edge

From the darker side of life as there is no light without darkness.

Art that provokes thoughts and emotions for awareness.


Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 17.30.47.jpg
sketchs_0016 - Version 2.jpg
sketchs_0016 - Version 3.jpg
sketch child abuse_0006.jpg
sketch child abuse_0007 (1).jpg

To see  photography of broken dolls go to                         


The Childhood Toy Box

                   & The family Loo!




For the purpose of anti abuse and war, etc.




Below are some you tube videos on soul fragmentation

There is hope, there is light, for victims of soul fragmentation.

I have done the journey myself, it works. - See below

Soul Retrieval, Soul Fragmentation One

You tube video by Russel Forsyth

Spiritual Healer & Lightworker


Soul Retrieval, Soul Fragmentation Two

You tube video by Russel Forsyth

Spiritual Healer & Lightworker


I am a spiritual healer, lightworker, shaman, psychic, clairvoyant myself.working with the higher frequencies, the angels, ascended masters & light beings.

Helping people to heal within & recover there own soul fragments.

I currently work online doing psychic readings & do personnel healings.

See my website for light work or contact me for a personnel reading or healing, either one to one or via skype.


May the light of the angels be with you, with blessings of love

Shamanic, Soul Retrieval, Doctoring the soul

You tube video by Lyn De La Motte

Spiritual Shaman


For those of you who would like to express their own inner pain. I am happy to list links to your own web pages to tell a story. 

Please contact me for approvals of page and content.


For those of you with successful stories of

Retrieval from Soul Fragmentation through energy healing.

Please share your story as it gives other people hope for the future.

I am happy to list links to web pages to tell your story.





I often wonder why I wore a crown of thorns, why I was not seen, why I was not heard, why I was the door mat for others negative projections.


Did I breath, did I die within, did I see the moon in my dreams, touch the stars and fly around the sun?     I did as it was the safest place to be!!!

Was I a prisoner to circumstances, a prisoner to fear, was I controlled, conditioned to negative aspects in life?


Prehapes I was or wasnt?  But then others are in denial and living a lie!!!

I dont know why I felt so alone?

It must have been the part of me that was hurting, the part of me that split off into the universe.

What was it my own shadow said to me?

Did it come back to bite me? 

Did I believe I was bad or was I made to feel that way?

Did I tell a lie, make up a story?

Or was it easier for people to dismiss it, so they can stay in their comfort zone?

Did I ever love myself?

Prehapes I didnt know how too?

But at least now I am an adult, I know better?

I ate an apple a day.

But it never kept the doctor away

Due to the repression & fragmentation?

Why was I made to feel ashamed?

When the shame wasnt mine?

Did God forget me?

Prehapes I am not worthy of him?


No thats how I was made to feel!

I often dreamt of being a "Dance Queen"

But I never really believed in myself?


Until now!!!

Will I live to be old, frail and whole in myself?