Artists Statement

My art is spiritual in nature, I like to view the beyond, as it is metaphysical art that makes something exist, that is not material or it represents something that is not of the solid world through creating costume as subject material to record the image in art practices.

It has a vocabulary that reveals the spiritual within by pinning out a territory for investigation into what lies beneath the surface or beyond the veils of the material world.

It is a dialogue with a deep connection to theory, to aid the broadening of mind for the souls capacity and the hearts receptivity of inner wealth in the greater universal truths of the cosmic plan.

As it is a manifestation of the inner pilot from spiritual seeking, a conscious awakening to vibration , color, ethereal realms connecting to the esoteric wisdom teachings on a spiritual quest from creative expression as an instrumental artist.


Whether it is related to the energetic meaning of color, light & the spirited in painting practices through abstraction, color & recording art forms.  Or the representation of the inner shadow of the psyche, which is something from the ethereal dimensions in solid form for recording art practices as an analogue for spiritual dimensions. Created from the studies of the subconscious, repressed darker shadow aspect of the soul available to be tapped into for self realisation, inner transformation and self growth, as a seeker of knowledge.

So all art forms are enquiries about what is hidden, what has no solidity, what is behind the masked persona, what is beyond the veil, what is within. It comes from the motivation to record alternative dimensions that are fluid like ethereal images of shadow & light from a moment in time. Which are inner soul deep aspects of terrestrial consciousness that reveals the depth of the soul, through an awakening to soulfulness. From studies of light that reveal the shadows, color, vibration, internal dimensional spiritual levels and universal fields of energetic existence from the greater source.

My color studies are spiritual art forms that do not negate the outer world, as the source is ethereal in nature, un-solid to touch coming from a dimensional field in the universe which I translate into abstract compositions for painting practices. Bringing the ethereal dimension into a solid form by pinning out a terriority for investigation into what lies beneath the surface or beyond the veils of the material world.

This line of enquiry permits me to study colour, as a living energy through Rudolf Stieners theories, view aspects of shadows and light, as also work with abstraction, create representative work, do performance art, create a conceptual view, in different media’s including film, digital media, photography, painting, drawing, costume and soft sculpture.

I venture into fields of hues & tones as a colourist with abstract images of the moving light on screen savers & with photography of the magnified natural light spectrum for adventures in painting practices to translate the ethereal into a solid nature.

I also study the absence of light by studying shadows of the human psyche through my awareness of higher consciousness & my spiritual gifts as a psychic clairvoyant. This form of art based study is created through photography by using  costume which is a solid form to represent what is within or ethereal in nature. As that permits me to express the inner pain of a human through use of broken porcelain dolls that connects to soul fragmentation or the ghost costume as a representation of the shadows of the psyche, which was influenced by Louise Bourgeois and Christine Borland, for their ambiguity and diversity.

As also Alex Grey for his incorporation of spirit, higher consciousness & inter-dimensional reality. As I discovered the ghost project had more then one arena, being it has been developed into prints for the esoteric world of mind-fullness, soul & spirit through digital media & philosophy.

Where as the contemporary aspect of ghost has been created with the lack of colourfulness & used for expressive figurative photography. To further that it has also ventured into an Art House film production that brings the pain of human suffering within, into the ethereal realm of spirit & the human soul.

All creative practices however reflect an expression of what is not physical in nature at the onset.