Artists Statement

 I like to view the beyond, the metaphysical, that which is not solid in nature, but ethereal.  With a vocabulary that reveals the spiritual within by pinning out a territory for investigation into what lies beneath the surface of the psyche or beyond the veils of the material world by investigating shadow & light.

It is a manifestation of my inner pilot from spiritual awareness, a conscious awakening to vibration, color, ethereal realms & the world of spirit, of soul.  A creative expression with a deep connection to Rudolf Steiner's color theories, the spirited, thats dialogue is about color & light or the absence of light within the human psyche, being the shadows.

So all art forms are enquiries about what has no solidity, I investigate, what is hidden, what is behind the masked persona, what is beyond the veil, what is within, that which is ethereal or in another dimension. The development of my practices are enhanced by my psychic abilities which I use as an instrumental artist on a spiritual quest. Whether it comes from the motivation to record alternative dimensions that are fluid like ethereal images through abstract painting practices or a representative analogue of spiritual dimensions created from costume & forms of digital media.

My color & light studies , are ethereal abstract compositions, originating from fleeting moments in time, where the un-solid abstract forms are frozen & framed. As I view alternative dimensional fields in the universe, translating the image into painting practices to bring them into a solid form. By recording moments in time related to the study of color as a living energy, light & the spirited in painting practices from beyond the veils of the material world. Venturing into hues & tones as a colorist by using images of the moving light on screen savers or photography of the magnified natural light spectrum found in reflections.


The diversity of the ethereal realms being both light & dark energetically also inspired me to create a conceptual view on the absence of light through studies of ' the shadows of the psyche' from my observations as a light worker & the perception of the human energy field.

Where I use multi disciplinary practices to create expressive figurative solid forms as representative analogue, about the spirit world & other dimensions beyond physical reality. With hand made classical theatrical ghost costumes, which are designed stained, torn, shredded, shabby & lacking colorfulness. Capturing expressive poses through photography, film, performance art & digital media. Which are a reflective interpretation of subconscious activity, negativity, fear & pain of the psyche. An art based study influenced by Louise Bourgeois & Christine Borland for their ambiguity 

The synthesis of the creative play, theatrics of ghosts with a few props in scenic places has led to various arena's. Including entertainment, performance art, an Art House Production & an open print series for the world of mindfulness, soul & spirt which was inspired by Alex Grey for his incorporation of spirit, higher consciousness & inter-dimensional reality, being I am a contemporary artist open to the spiritual dimensions myself, expressing what is not physical in nature & what is beyond or hidden within at the onset of the project through subject matter.


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