Shadow  & Light

     Going beyond, into the ethereal perceptions of spiritual dimensions, a view of the non physical. The Shadows of the Psyche & the Colour's within Light








        The Absence of Light
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Ghost products online

Merging Colour into the Shadows


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Ghost puzzles online

A focus on Colour & Light

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That which is metaphysical, within, without and BEYOND the physical dimension That which is “Ethereal” of anti-gravity,  un-solid matter, non-physical or that which represents a parallel universe. From the wisdom teachings of Ruldolf Stiener's spiritual philosophy.

Be it the Ethereal Nature of Light, as a Colourist

or the absence of light, as an analogue,

        via expression's of the Shadows of the Psyche, from the masked personna.

                 Trained to perceive what lies beyond the surface, I merge my spirituality, inner visions & insights into my art practices. Where I also study Esoteric Science, the transendental, the metaphysical, the hidden depths in the psyche, that which is in the depth of soul, the above, the below, the within, from a stream of higher consciousness, vibration & finer energy from my receptivity as a psychic clairvoyant.

       My painting pratices embody

colour & the living energetic vibrations of the cosmos. which I study using Rodolph Stieners theories  on the "spirited " in art practices and the inner meaning of colour.  Translating what is ethereal into physical solid matter, what is Ether PAINTING then becomes a living energetic vibration,  an area of study in its self, going beyond the boundaries of mark making.  As I bring art, natural science and energetic vibrations together for a depth of understanding.

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Penelope's Ghost Products

As an emerging artist I use photography, & digital media to record natural Full Spectrum Light WHICH HAS NOW MERGED INTO FASHION DESIGN.

As has the ghost, from the studies of the absence of light IN THE SHADOWS OF THE HUMAN PSYCHE.

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Penelope's Fashion Design


Filming, Costume Design & The Creation of a Film.

In collabaration with Producer Paul De, Silva & Film Director Robert Chilcott.

An Arthouse film production in the making.

Coming Soon!



Great art transcends its own symbolism.   Great thought transmutes great art into love.

  Only love can create great cultures.


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You can't fake what comes from the soul. You can only practice it.